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Songs of God’s healing mercy, love and praise, largely based on His words in scripture, are contained in this, my first album. I was inspired to write the songs after my times with Jesus in prayer, when I often asked Him for a song. The melodies which emerged have a gentle, prayerful quality. I hope that they uplift, and allow you to come to know Him in a deeper way. God bless you!


“Sounds like nothing you will have heard before. Original and new. Listen!! Everyone needs to hear this message of the Lord’s healing, grace and mercy. It is for you.”

Elaine Mcburney, Glasgow


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My Journey

In 2003, I came up to the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland – where I was born – from the south west of England, to train as a music therapist. I’d trained as a Bass Clarinetist some years before, at Rotterdam conservatory. After the music therapy course, I felt a longing to experience the unconditional love of God. I’d drifted away from my Catholic faith – and I became very aware of my need to repent of the things I’d done wrong in my life....

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Thank You

A million thanks to the people without whom 'Amazing Mercy' could not have been made - to Graeme Duffin for the brilliance of his guitar playing, to Sandy Jones and Graeme Duffin who engineered and produced the album, and to David Lyon. Thank you too, to my amazing friend Maria, who played the cello on 3 of the songs. Maria regularly prays for Jesus' healing for people, with Christians of many different denominations. She especially connected with 'Song for Rachel' - and put her heart and soul into the music. As I wrote this song, I could hear Maria playing the cello with it - and was thrilled when she agreed to play on the album. Thank you with all my heart!

"I love that you put God's heart as well as yours into the music"